The Journey or the Destination?

A question of adventure

Before setting off on your next trip, pause for a moment to ask which is more important. Not every trip or adventure will easily fit into one or the other while others should be quite clear. It is important to distinguish and realize which you want to focus on. One is not better than the other. They are two sides of the adventure coin. Each is great in its own way. But, in those instances where you manage to flip the coin and magically get it to land on both sides at once, you’re in for a fantastic time.

arizona asphalt beautiful blue sky

Side A: The destination

If the destination is the focus of the trip, then the method of getting there isn’t a concern. Whether by train, car, or plane, the journey is a means to an end. Even if the trip isn’t the goal, be cautious about not letting it turn into a negative ordeal. Driving during summer traffic or cramming yourself into an economy seat at the back of a plane certainly doesn’t appeal to most people, but think of the destination. Are you going to see dearly missed family or a white sand beach with crystal blue water? The traffic jam you hit on the way is nothing in comparison. What will be valuable is the memories of where you went, not how you got there.

Side B: The journey

Not all journeys have to involve far-flung destinations or traveling. It could be as simple as a walk around your neighborhood. You will be leaving from and arriving at the same place, so the destination isn’t important. Instead, focus on the journey. Take a dog on a walk as an example. A dog relaxing at home will suddenly be super excited when shown a leash. To our furry friends, the journey is all that matters. Who cares where I’m going to be at the end as long as I get to go. Use these journeys as a chance to disconnect. Leave the phone behind. See the world as you walk. Listen. Observe. Breathe. Try and find shapes in the clouds or watch an ant scurrying along the sidewalk. Live in the world around you.

Sides A and B?!

You’ve got the adventure of a lifetime in front of you. Hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu? Who cares about sore knees and being short of breath when you’ve got views like that. Kayaking a hundred miles through the Grand Canyon to rendezvous and party with friends at the end? It’s going to be a blast the whole way. Spending a few days climbing the highest peak you’ve ever been to with your best friend?

~Keep being awesome.